Rougemont History

Our Ancestors' Story

We are descendants of the founding families of Rougemont, Quebec. These hardy settlers were among the first English-speaking inhabitants of the province. Predominantly from Ireland and the American colonies, they began arriving in the community approximately 200 years ago. Many took up orchard farming and helped establish Rougemont as a major producer of high-quality apples.

In the 1820s, the Anglophone population of Rougemont peaked between 180 and 200 people, according to one historical account. Since then, it has declined to about a dozen. However, thousands of former residents and their families have spread across North America and beyond. Rougemont expats are proud of their shared heritage and stay connected to events at home.

A new Rougemont tradition
Many of the first English-speaking settlers of Rougemont and those descendants who remained and died here were buried in St. Thomas Cemetery. Based on its historic importance and obvious significance to the Ancestors Day theme, we have made the cemetery a focal point of our remembrance activities.

Special memorial vase

On the first annual Ancestors Day, held Sunday, September 29, 2013, a group of volunteers placed a fresh flower at every headstone in St. Thomas Cemetery. We hope this small, ceremonial gesture will grow into a lasting community tradition. To support this goal, we have designed a unique memorial metal vase to hold the flowers and help keep them fresh.

Memorial church service
As part of the celebration, a special commemorative service was held at St. Thomas Anglican Church. The service began at 11:00 am. Afterward, sandwiches and refreshments were served. We hope the church will make it a tradition to hold a commemorative service each Ancestors Day in the years ahead.

Gone but never forgotten
Regardless of whether you are remembering a loved one who passed away recently or an ancestor who died many years ago, this simple graveside ritual and church service will allow you to express your feelings and respect in a dignified, meaningful way.

We wish to take this opportunity to reach out not only to those still living in Rougemout but also to family members and descendants living elsewhere – Please get involved! Help us build this idea by spreading the word and participating.

Let’s make Ancestors Day a special day in Rougemont. A day when we all come together with a single purpose. A day that brings out the best in us and would make our ancestors proud.

Get Involved
To learn how you can become involved or contribute with a donation,

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P.S. – If you support the idea of Ancestors Day, help spread the idea to other caring communities.

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