Bachelder Family History

By Matthew Standish

Captain Sias Bachelder
1746 - 1825
Buried in St Thomas Cemetery

Probably a soldier in the British Army Regulars (Redcoats); likely saw action in the American Revolutionary War (1776-1783) and maybe even the Seven Years War with France (1756-1763).

Daniel Bachelder
1767 - 1852
Buried in St. Thomas Cemetery

Born in Lowden, New Hampshire and had 12 children, all born in the American Colonies. Being an Empire Loyalist, he left the United States sometime after the War of 1812 (which lasted from 1812 to 1814) to live with his sons in Rougemont, Quebec.

Daniel Bachelder
1798 - 1882
Buried in St. Thomas Cemetery

Also born in New Hampshire; moved to Canada in 1818; was one of the original settlers of Rougemont, along with his brother Sias. They both bought farms in Rougemont for $400 apiece. Daniel had nine children with two wives. He was the 1st postmaster of Rougemont and served as “Justice of Peace”; he held the honorary rank of Lt. Col. after serving in the militia during the Lower Canada Rebellion in the late 1830s.

Jethro Bachelder
1840 - 1933
Buried in St Thomas Cemetery

Had eight children.  Moved to the United States midwest during the American Civil War (1861 -1865) to deliver goods to miners at Pike’s Peak, Colorado.  The trip from Omaha to Denver was 600 miles (oxen traveled 1.5 miles per day); it was dangerous work that involved traveling through areas populated by hostile Native Americans and protecting the goods from robbers. Spent much of his life in Quebec but eventually moved to Los Angeles, California in the 1920s and 1930s.

Arthur Bachelder
1875 - 1959
Buried in St. Thomas Cemetery

Married Myrtle Standish and moved to Manitoba in the 1920s to live on his 685-acre farm; eventually moved back to Rougemont. Had 6 children: Cora, Grace, Lorne, Kenneth, Granville, and Stanley. Arthur was a highly-regarded farmer, recognized for his knowledge and ability to produce good crops, while Myrtle had a career as a teacher in the Montreal area.

Stanley Bachelder
1936 - present

Stanley lived in Rougemont until the mid-1950s; after leaving, he forged a successful sales career with well-known companies such as SunLife Assurance, Avon Cosmetics and NCR (even becoming its top sales representative in North America at one time)

Stanley's Children
1960s - present

Stanley is very proud of his own six children, Michael, Timothy, Elizabeth, Johnathan, Ashley and Laurie, who are helping carry on the Bachelder family legacy.

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