Ethel Maude McArthur (née Standish)

3rd child of Matthew Standish (1851-1933) and Mary Ann Leggat (1852-1933)

Married (Jan. 22, 1908) Edward Payne Standish, son of James Standish (1826-1907) and Elizabeth Payne (1837-1922)

Child Aline Estelle Standish, (1909-1968)

Grandson: Nelson McArthur (still alive)

Pansy Standish Bockus often spoke of Ethel: they were friends and attended dances at the local school.

Funny Story:

Marion (my mom) knew Ethel and visited her with her 4 young children: Ethel once told my mom, when she was about 94 years old, that she had a good day but was tired; she had just washed and cleaned the double windows for her entire house (approx. 26 windows).

Nelson is researching other information on his grandmother…more updates to come!  

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